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Online college classes

School and College Choices

Attending college classes online isn't suited for everyone. Some students just do better by going to a classroom everyday where they are somewhat forced to be accountable for learning material every school day. Some students find that they need the daily affirmation or the teamwork they receive by working and studying with other classmates. Is an online school right for you?

If you do decide to enroll at an online college, many of your opportunities will be in the broad area of liberal arts. Many liberal arts degree programs, as well as many of the general education courses you will need to pass, are usually adaptable to online courses. There are plenty of options in the liberal arts school at most big universities, so take your time with deciding which field to go into. Consider liberal arts.

If you think you have what it takes to be a nurse, there are plenty of nursing schools and plenty of job openings for nursing students when they graduate.

Not everyone has the personality required to be a working nurse. But one of the good aspects of nursing school is that the first few nursing classes are designed to weed out those students that are not suited for the job. If you can make it through your first year of classes, you should be able to handle the rest. Much of what you learn in nursing school needs to be learned in a classroom, although there are quite a few courses that work well via an online class.

And for college graduates, there is always graduate school. While many jobs and careers don't require any degree past a Bachelor's degree, careers in business, education, criminal justice and healthcare administration are increasingly requiring candidates to earn an advanced degree. In the business world especially, either having your advanced degree, or at least working towards earning it, is a definite plus on your resume.


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