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Not all coursework is well-suited for online classes. Here are three fields that don't work so well with online coursework.

Culinary Arts
Culinary arts and chef training is mostly a hand-on learning experience. Although some of the material is easily learned online (such as kitchen and food safety, health regulations, food study), much of what goes into becoming a good chef is tactile, it's working with knives and actually preparing foods and meals. And much of the learning comes from internship programs students enter into once they have passed most of their courses. Read about these classes.

Science and Engineering
A lot of science and engineering classes can be taken online, but it's hard to duplicate the lab work and group activities that most physical sciences and most engineering degrees require. If you are going to be majoring in most engineering or natural science areas, you will find that most colleges will offer some of your coursework with online options, but other classes are only offered on campus. Campus classroom options.

Medical Care
Most medical programs, such as training for doctors, nurses and dental professionals needs to be handled in a classroom. The hands-on skills and learning is best demonstrated in a classroom and many of the activities are again performed in small groups. One of the exceptions to this pattern is in the area of medical office administration or assisting. Some of the general office duties can be learned via online courses.

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