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Online College Classes and Degrees

Most college majors work okay via online classes, but some fields of study are just better suited to it than others.

Business is a field that works pretty well through online classes. Some areas of business work better -- accounting, finance, business law -- those types of classes are easy to take online, but some classes, such as management and those classes which typically involve small group work, don't work quite as well. Click here to read more about learning business online.

Criminal justice is another field that works for some courses, but not for others. Learning self-defense or other physical law enforcement techniques is much easier learned in a classroom.

Fashion design is another where some classes work well online and some don't. Much of the business training and general coursework can be studied via online courses, but much of the training is hands-on experience and is much better suited to a classroom and to group involvement. Check these types of courses out.

There are so many different degrees and majors to consider, you can come up with your favorites and view other programs that you may find interesting.


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