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Have you noticed that the way higher education is often depicted in movies may be a really good example of the disparity between Hollywood and reality?

While some of us are lucky enough to attend the silver screen dream of a fancy private university, many other prospective students cannot devote four years to traditional, brick-and-mortar-bound education that often takes place far from home. Whether because of work, family responsibilities, or limited means, attending expensive university classes during the typical morning and afternoon times is a near-impossibility for some.

Online Classes Offer the Ultimate Convenience
Thankfully, an alternative exists. Online courses permit self-motivated students to work toward a degree on their own time and from the convenience of a Student communicating with class instructorhome computer, or any place with an Internet connection. Can't finish your reading assignment until after work? Have to pick up the kids from school right when a crucial class is offered by your local university? With online classes, these once-troubling issues have become worries of the past. As long as you complete your assigned exercises and tests, the specifics of when and (especially) where are left largely to your discretion. Don't miss out on the endless rewards of higher education just because your lifestyle isn't conducive to traditional schooling.

According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there exists a strong and direct relationship between educational attainment, high earnings, and low unemployment rates. And with online degree programs now available in a wide variety of subjects, students of all talents can take advantage of this convenient learning tool.

Of course, the very freedom that makes online courses so appealing also makes this style of learning suitable only for highly disciplined students. Without a mandate to appear in a particular classroom at a specific time, online learners must be self-motivated enough to study and work independently of anyone else. And because students taking online courses aren't exposed to class discussions and peer-to-peer critiques the way traditional students are, they must seek out online discussion forums and networking websites in order to receive the full benefit of their education.

Online Education: As Effective as Its Brick-And-Mortar Counterpart
Obviously, online education makes a smart alternative for students who are comfortable working independently. But on a broad scale, have they proven as efficacious as their traditional counterparts? In May of 2013, the US Department of Education published an extensive study that answers this question with a resounding "yes".

Analyzing data collected from over one thousand studies about online learning, experts from the department of education concluded that online classes are at least as effective as face-to-face learning, and that traditional students who supplemented their classroom studies with online courses experienced better results that those who relied exclusively on in-person instruction.

These encouraging findings enhance online education's appeal even more. For busy but determined students, online courses offer a rare blend of convenience and excellence.


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